Water Painting Book

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Product Details:

  • Age: 2+ years
  • Size: 7.3" x 6.1" (18.6cm x 15.5cm)
  • Weight: 2.54oz (72g)
  • Material: paper
  • Care: Spot clean only with a damp cloth.

Magical and Reusable Pages

Say goodbye to one-time use coloring books. Our water-drawn pages can be painted over and over again. Watch in delight as the colors fade within 5-10 minutes, ready for your child’s next masterpiece. This sustainable feature ensures the joy of painting never has to end.


Water Painting Book

Mess-Free and Easy to Use

Forget about markers, pencils, or crayons. Our Water Coloring Book requires only water and a pen, making it a clean, hassle-free option for kids and parents alike. Perfect for on-the-go entertainment or quiet time at home.


Water Painting Book


Designed for Developing Minds

The Water Painting Book isn't merely an entertainment option; it stands as a foundational tool for growth and learning, specifically designed to nurture:

  • Imagination: Filling pages with vibrant colors sparks creativity and encourages imaginative storytelling.
  • Visual Perception Skills: Identifying shapes, patterns, and colors enhances visual discrimination and cognitive processing.
  • Concentration: Focusing on painting within the lines improves attention span and concentration skills.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: The act of painting with water and watching colors appear strengthens coordination and fine motor skills.


Water Painting Book


The Water Painting Book offers a unique artistic experience with its special features:

  • This book comes with 5 pages, of which 4 are designed for water painting.
  • To prepare the water brush for use, immerse the pen tip in water for a few minutes until it softens, enabling effortless painting.
  • Simply fill the brush with ordinary tap water; no need for any paint.
  • To maintain the book, gently clean it with a cloth after use and ensure it's dry before closing. This helps prevent any damage due to pages sticking together.
  • The book's pages magically change color upon contact with water. However, avoid submerging them in water to maintain their integrity.
  • Empty the water brush if you plan not to use it for an extended period to keep it in good condition.
  • Our water-activated ink is safe and non-toxic, meeting all safety standards, making it perfectly safe for children.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Ronaldo Homenick

As in the photo it has 4 pages it is erased when drying. I liked it

Deja Reichel

Is a good material to distract children

Lulu Roob

Love the Water Painting Book

Edd Haag

Fast delivery very well done

Garett Upton

The Water Painting Book is nice


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